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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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victim bit him to free hearing. she saved her own life biting the suspect and that freed her and show offered him money to leave her apartment. >> reporter: and police say that dna from that blood sample led investigators to rodney planton, who was -- rodney blanton who was in the system because of his prior arrest. blanton is facing numerous charges in connection with his attack, including assault, robbery, and burglary. laura? >> thank you, audrey. and to a news alert in the drew peterson trial. the illinois jury found the former suburban chicago police officer guilty in the murder of his third wife. it took jurors more than a day to decide his fate. savio's body was found in the bathtub in 2 where are 04. her death was initially ruled a accident but reclassified after his fourth wife disappeared in 2007. peterson faces a maximum of 60 years in prison. and in the district, thugs targeting young people on capitol hill going after their
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smartphones. two victims were beaten and robbed on the same street days a part. tonight, d.c.'s police chief said the cases may be connected. fox 5s bob bornard has the -- bob barnard reporting. >> reporter: it seems one roving gang of phone snatchers has been particularly violent. the sidewalks of capitol hill have become a prime target of sometimes violent thugs looking to steal smartphones out of your hands. >> and mostly this side of my face and lip. >> reporter: casey adams, a 26- year-old intern from utah, in washington just a weeked he was ambushed by two men while on the sidewalk on the phone talking to his wife. >> and immediately punched me, knocked me down. my phone fell out of my hands. quickly he said give me your phone and empty your pocket. >> reporter: they didn't take
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his wallet, detectives telling him that someone saw what happened. >> the witness said after they knocked me down and got my phone from me, they hopped in the back of the car and sped away. >> reporter: the attack near eastern market was blocks from where another man, tc massland was robbed and savagely beaten one night last month. >> what makes them stand out is the vast majority of all of the robberies are snatching mini -- someone's property and running and there is not this type of assault. the victims were assaulted and, obviously, we're looking to see if they're connected. >> reporter: her officers and detectives are on alert and wants us to pay more attention to our surroundings. >> and it's difficult a break in habit that all of us are guilty of and right now, we
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have an issue in this area, around this time of the night when people are leaving the bar and restaurant and walking home in the community, we want people to pay attention and not do that. >> reporter: police released this surveillance video from the first attack, showing a 2005 hyundai sonata, driven by people using massland's credit card after he was robbed. >> and that is going to be the key now and to work that side of this and i'll tell you what, we're looking for them and we get them and we're going to go after them as hard as we can. >> she means with a tough prosecution. >> reporter: in the meantime, victim t.c. massland remains hospitalized but his condition is improving, shawn zoom and that is some good news, thank you. a health alert out of d.c. the city is reporting the first death from the west nile virus. a second person is hospitalized with the virus, the first two
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cases reported in the district. maryland had 21 cases so far this year, one ended in death and in virginia, five cases. no one's died there. cases nationwide are up sharply and may rival the record years of 2002-2003. a scan on the airport for a plane full of airways passengers. they were going to dallas and had to return to philadelphia international after reports a passenger on board had plastic explosives. it turns out the phone call was a hoax. the bomb squad searched and cleared the plane. investigators say that passenger was removed and is in the a suspect and didn't do anything wrong. day three of the democratic national convention in north carolina. president obama is getting ready to make his case for re- elect. he will deliver his big acceptance speech on this final night of the convention. and gage bosswell has more. >> reporter: planners continue to reshuffle the schedule of speakers because of the change
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of venues. two months before the election and presumal nominate the team for a second term. the speech was originally planned to be held outside at the football stadium but moved inside because of possible thunderstorms. >> and i think he's going do a great job. die. and every time he has come out on that stage at the convention, he's been wonderful. i wish it could be before a larger audience, but we understand. >> reporter: ahead of the president's speech, vice president joe biden will take to the stage to deliver his address. and on the final day of the convention, first lady michelle obama and jill continue to meet with voters. >> barrack understands the challenges that women face. i think that is made abundantly clear and we know he will keep fighting every day to ensure all of our daughters have no limits to their dreams and that
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is over. >> michelle and i are inspired every day by the courage and strength and resilience of our military families. >> reporter: president obama held a conference call with ticket holders to the outside event who were unable to get inside this mall or venue. other notable speakers include 2004 presidential nominee john kerry. at the democratic national convention in charlotte, craig bosswell, fox news. >> a poignant moment expected. gabby giffords will lead the convention in the pledge of a likens. the arizona democrat was shot in the head when a gunman opened fire at her meet-and- greet in tucson last year. giffords and 12 others survived, six people died in the shooting. she resigned from congress earlier this year to focus on her recovery. on the republican side, mitt romney had no public appearances today. his running mate paul ryan is in colorado. he told a group of people in colorado springs not to hear to
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obama's speech tonight because it will be just talk. >> you see, president obama can give great speeches he can blame other people but can't tell you we're better off as a nation. >> the president argues that the nation is better off than it was four years ago. but he said he needs a second term to continue laying the foundation for his stronger economy. football fans and family members today morning the loss of former baltimore ravens owner art modell. the team said he died at johns hopkins hospital where he was admitted yesterday for unknown reasons. there is no word on the cause of his death. modell was an nfl owner for four decades and considered one of the most influential people in the league and moved from brown to -- the browns to baltimore and changeed the name to the ravens in 1986. he was 87. new details about the wild animal that attacked a woman in northern virginia. the rabid nutri britt jenkins an 83-year-old woman as she was swimming in lake barcross in
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fairfax county. initial reports indicate the beaver bit the woman but it was a nurse -- nutria, a rodent- like animal that looks similar to a beaver. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. and taking a live look outside. we have seen some rain and some clouds throughout the day and that is not as hot, although it was muggy. gary, it's muggy out there. >> and very muggy, especially since we ended up with the showers that moved through this morning and you said it first, not hot. >> yeah. >> and we're looking for nice weather down the road, something can you look forward to and we'll talk about that in the full forecast. and we're not seeing anything now. there was a little shower and light see if it's still there and that is dieing down.
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it had someiely&about five minutes on and is weakening north of newmarket and to the larger picture on sentinel radar, this is a two-hour timeframe here and all the rain shifted offshore and this is rainfall totals from earlier this morning that moved across. the heaviest of the rain towards the eastern sections. i want to zoom in south of us where some places in culpeper and to madison, green, rockingham and part of page county and another couple of bull's eyes there and rain totals up to three and beyond. really what they got, the heavy, heavy flooding rain to the east of us. southern maryland up into delaware and you see the red and orange. those totals and they're doppler estimates and does a good job of what is reality
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when you get to it. more than six inches there and in duey beach, they picked up more than seven inches of rain and from that to&the heavy rain to the east of us again, laura, things to look forward to and later on, we deal with the seven-day forecast. >> and looking forward to it. thank you very much. see you soon. coming up next at 5. they were rescued from the floodwaters of hurricane isaac and now, these dogs are in d.c. looking for good homes. and an unthinkable act inside a d.c. church. a man armed with a gun robbed two people and police are asking for your help tracking down the gunman. the gunman. 
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. the gunman.  mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. a maryland man is under arrest accused of transporting a teenage girl for prostitution. the 28-year-old julio ramos was taken into custody last night. he's charged with a sex trafficking of a 15-year-old girl. the court papers say he recruited the girl to work in his prostitution business in 2009 and 2010. investigators believe that it might be part of a larger sex ring. >> our case alleges mr. ramos' ring is part of a larger commercial sex trafficking ring and this is the 15th individual we have charged in the last year with sex trafficking of underage girls. some as young as 12, 13 years
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old. >> reporter: ramos is a native of guatemala and in the u.s. illegally. he faces a maximum of life in prison if convicted. d.c. police need your help tracking down a gunman who robbed a church over the weekend. it happened saturday in a church in northwest and caught on surveillance tape. karen gray houston has the latest. >> reporter: the suspect was audacious and wearing a mask with part of the face showing and police say he followed one victim into a side door to the church. the other victim is a passer -- pastor at that church. the police hope someone who recognizes the robber in the surveillance picture will give them a call. saint steven and the incarnation episcopal church on newton street in northwest is an activist congregation. known for its good work. >> it has a great tradition and great history of helping others selflessly. >> reporter: located in a high school storyic district, it's i
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a diverse church, housing a homeless ministry and other assistance program. the radical once spoke here. ward 1s councilman is outraged that someone with a gun came here to steal. >> and this is a paulding. >> reporter: take a good look at the surveillance picture. police say this armed robber followed a man who into the church around 1226 dims saturday afternoon, forced him on to the floor, but a handgun to the back of his head and said, yo, do you have any money? >> an armed robbery inside a church is particularly heinous. >> reporter: she's the director that runs a church ministry in a church basement and was not shocked to hear a man stole a wallet, mean, iphone, and other personal items have-from-the victim' pocket. >> every staff member had their car broken into in this parking lot, including myself. and we had know reign vacation -- one time. >> reporter: last saturday, a
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pastor was in the sanctuary, heard the commotion and walked in on the robbery in progress. the suspect pointed the gun at her, too, before fleeing the scene. michael chordin worked with the thrive d.c. program for a number of years and she thinks someone participating may have seen what the church surveillance camera saw. >> and i think someone did see it. and will day tell us? i don't know. >> reporter: the victim was a gentlemen who was planning to get married at the church. the suspect is a black male, medium complexion, 18 to 20 years old, about 5'10" with bronziest, last seen wearing -- brown eyes. last seen wearing a black mask and a polo-style shirt with blue jeans. >> thank you. it's been a week now since hurricane isaac swept through parts of the gulf coast leaving plenty of damage to homes and
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businesses there and robert casualty, stranded pets. nine dogs arrived this morning. they're caring for the dogs and four are puppies. three are sick and will need extensive treatment at the league's medical center. they will be available for adoption once they are well. here we go again. another humid, steamy day outside. >> mission, muggy day and some changes are in the works before we have to deal with what is ahead of us this evening. >> i want to talk about the evening and we'll tease later on. >> okay. >> and that is how the game is played, right? >> right. >> and i have given you enough of a hint to know it's going to be nice. >> we like that. >> and this is the evening's forecast. we start off with a look at radar and nothing is going on now. we have had a few showers and thunderstorms up to the north of us and in terms of the rain, we have had most of the rain
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earlier and disturbances came through with and was more powerful than anticipated, more in the way of widespread rain. when this hit the bay, it just exploded. and it put up several inches of rain this morning and this for places like southern maryland. most between about two and six inches of rain. delaware was right in there with a bull's eye of more than seven inches of rain. so, very, very rainy day, flooding takes place to the east of us and lingering thunderstorms down through central secs and eastern parts of north carolina. let me zoom in a bit. can you see richmond got pounded with rain. if you were in spotsylvania, fredericksburg, you picked up the rain this morning and this afternoon. the temperature right now has rebounded a little bit with the sunshine and the clearing skies this afternoon. we have come down to 82 now and we were into the mid-80s and that is still dulles, mid-80s,
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winchester, 86 and somemer sunshine this afternoon. and in cumberland, and to 90. 87 in town and this is for the evening. a spotty and you would call it one or two thunderstorms this evening and that is by nineteen error, 10:00 and some temperatures into the 60s and comfortable conditions overnight. again, laura, some good stuff coming up and that is looks like we're going to salvage most of the weekend. there are a couple of bright spots. >> excellent. love to hear it, gary. thank you, we'll see you soon. coming up next at 5. a boy's choir from haiti. using their voices to help rebuild their school after the devastating earthquake there in
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2010. >> and welcome to gaithersburg elementary school. traditional homework is a thing of the past. but, we're reading -- where reading is stressed. if you have a story idea, call us at 202-895-3,000 send us an e-mail to fox 5  heavy load in ererica. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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. a renowned voice choir from haiti brought plenty of smiles today at the smithsonian's national museum of african art. the visit is not just for entertainment but to raise money to rebuild one of port-au- prince's premier among school and -- music school. and. an area, a public elementary school abolished traditional homework. instead, students are asked to
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read a half hour every night. >> so far, parents and seem to like what is happening at the elementary school. >> reporter: in many ways, it looks like other schools, it has hallways, a cafeteria, a library and teachers in every classroom. what the school doesn't have is traditional homework. >> and look at that indicator. >> reporter: when stephanie brant came aboard two years ago, she and the staff conducted a preview of the homework assignment. >> and started evaluating the work and we started looking in and -- to match what we were doing instructionally in the classroom and we were giving students something way felt we had to build them something. >> reporter: and he got permission to implement a radical experiment. the only homework assigned here is reading.
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the fifth grader got regular homework and it went away. >> don't you miss the math problems and stuff? >> that is how we do it in school. >> you do the homework in school? >> uh-huh. >> and we read it in our house. >> how much do you read each night? >> like 30 minutes. >> reporter: that's the principal's goal, 30 minutes a night for every student. students seem to be supportive. >> when he comes home, he has relaxing time, and i think he is like that -- >> reporter: the principal believes that that is sparking maturation and motivation among many students. >> and this is that policy last year. >> the classes of group go to the library once a week. each kid picks out two books. the kids tend to finish the books in the first night or two
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and the books spend the rest of the week in the child's backpack waiting for the next class visit to the library. here, students are o lowed hall passes and wind up reading many more books. he knows this reading only homework policy is a risk and so far, the scores remain solid. in gaithersburg, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and what a great program. >> a big night for the president as he addresses the democratic national convention. what does barack obama need to say tonight to sway voters. and what impact has the local delegation has on the convention. that is next in charlotte. and flooding has been a huge problem in bloomingdale and ladroit park. we'll have a first look inside the sewage system there as crews look for clogs that might be backing things up. it's video that you will see on the news edge tonight. tonight. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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. president obama is hour away from his big democratic speech. mark plotkin is live in charlotte for us tonight. so, mark, before we talked about what is happening tonight, i want to talk about president clinton, the big headliner, of course, last night. what impact do you believe his speech will have and what is the word on president clinton's role with the election going forward now? >> it's major. making ads for the president and he gave the sort of cheerleader in chief for bram a. i said it -- barack obama. i said it before and i will say it again. he gave a tutorial on the obama
5:31 pm
presidency and maybe made a better case for obama than he can make for himself. he appealed to constituencies that obama has problems, which is rural wide or undecided people who consider themselves traditional democrats and for some reason are disappointed in barack obama. he gave a real charge to the convention and a ream lift. when obama walked around and embraced him, it was a unifying gesture. >> tonight, it's president obama's turn to take the stage. what is the president's job other than to accept his party's nomination? what does he have to say to win over the voters that you were talking about? the swing voters. >> reporter: he would like to win north carolina. he won by 14,000 votes and they had james taylor who sang
5:32 pm
carolina on the mind and you have a friend and this is a state that is in play and where they put the convention to help. other than, that laura, is to try to explain his four year, what he's going do and try to appeal to independents and undecided. there are few undieded and there are some people that vote neither democrat or republican. go and james taylor even said, and i will bring it up, said i don't get it. i am an old white guy, and i love bram a. and -- barack obama. i think that is what bill bell is trying to appeal -- bill clinton is trying to appeal who&who barack obama is trying to appeal to. >> and locate focus local
5:33 pm
impact and d.c. tries to bring up the platform of statehood. so far, they really haven't had their voices heard, have they? >> reporter: laura, there is no other way i can put it. d.c. is zero. and they had nobody speak. let's look at maryland. they have had governor o'malley, the president in waiting, he thinks, and they had ten is higher, barbara mikulski and in a few minutes, they'll have donna edwards. maryland, which is a lot, definitely going to go for obama, had a featured role. in virginia, they get a real seat on the floor. one of the seven delegations, tim kaine spoke. the president is going to be back there over and overgiven, and they're going -- again, and they're going to appeal. i think president obama's going
5:34 pm
appeal who are military people, and the defense industry, so important for the economy. d.c. got shut out, nada, nothing. >> eleanor helms will have a few things to say about that on of this. i am sure. mark plotkin, as always, thank you very much. >> thanks, laura. students at american university critique the republican national convention as mitt romney was nominated and wisdom martin has this campaign -- campaign u2012. >> reporter: he's given them marijuanain -- margins and talking about the dnc and rnc. what have students been given instructions to? >> and we're trying to figure out who is winning the frame game in this election. and is it democratic party
5:35 pm
accomplishing the goal by rebutting, answering and redefining the election from what the republicans did or are we better off than a year ago, and answering that, are democrats framing mitt romney in a way to benefit the democratic party. that is what we're discussing. >> and we're going the convention. we have seen both conventions and what is going on. what did you think of president clinton's speech last night? >> thought it was wonderful. he's a charismatic guy, a good public speaker and know he can go offscript and manage to hold the audience. i think he did a wonderful job illustrating the job that the economy has not been fixed and you can't do that in four years. it was nice for him to talk about how during, you know, halfway through his first term, no one thought the economy was being picked or thought this
5:36 pm
was didding -- it was going anywhere. when they -- i was glad that was illustrated. >> all right. >> what do you expect to hear -- anyone want to raise their hand -- what do you expect to hear from the president? how about i draft somebody? here we go. over here. what do you expect to hear from president obama tonight? >> what i would like to hear is policy. what he's going to do in the second term. up until now, no one in the republican convention or democratic convention said anything about what they are going to implement in the next four years. >> and i heard you talking about a lot of though iter and not substance. >> yeah, yeah. >> and that is what i'm looking forward to tonight. i hope he pulls it off. >> all right, and up next, they going to be debating. what issues is it just policy? policy you ladies and gentlemen want to hear about when they start to debate? just policy? is that what you want to talk about? >> on the spot.
5:37 pm
>> and that is policy. i think this is an opportunity and someoned earlier and did not talk about what we wanted to hear and that is soman help. -- showmanship. >> the rnc convention versus the dnc. how many of you saw the rnc, the republicans did a great job with their convention. a show of hands? >> and everyone thought the dnc do a job with their convention? >> that is our unscientific -- here at campaign u don't forget we are going to be here every thursday and streaming life on the web, that is it from campaign u. back to you. >> and thank you very much. the space history is landing here in the d.c. area.
5:38 pm
next where you can get a glimpse of part of neil armstrong's space suit from the famous lunar landing. ar landin i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. ar landin mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. neil armstrong is set to be buried at sea. he was a navy fighter pilot. the family didn't release details on what that burial would take place. he died august 25th of complications from heart surgery. he was 82 and a public memorial will be held next thursday at 10 a.m. and the gloves and visors he wore are on display. the artifact his been in storm, but the smithsonian decided to
5:42 pm
make them available now and the smithsonian officials say the gloves and visier will be on display a couple of weeks and the rare items will be housed in a special display case. >> kind of cool. a thousand dollars a lot of money, especially to a kid. an eight-year-old recently won $1,000 what he decided to do with it may surprise you. the staff is -- story is coming up next. >> and gary has your full forecast. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. . >> if you were to win $1,000, what would you do with it? >> one boy decided to give the money to his neighbor, who is battling leukemia. patrick clark has the touching
5:46 pm
story. >> he is an excellent neighbor. >> for being eight years old. >> i would never expect this from an eight-year-old boy. that is crazy. >> reporter: a few months back, trisha took her 2-year-old to the hospital for what she thought was an earache. >> and we thought they would be back in a few hours and that floors when you we heard the words leukemia and none of us saw it coming in. >> reporter: when he decided to enter 's scavenger hunt. the first cloverleaf bank of edwardsville was holding and he won. >> and i heard kara had leukemia and thought they needed the money, and i didn't need the money, so i wanted to give it to them. >> reporter: it was $1,000. >> hosted to wonder how much therapy a thousand could get kara. >> it makes my heart smile.
5:47 pm
he's always been a great, amazing kid and a real giver. and it doesn't surprise me too much. he's that kind of kid. >> reporter: this third grader, who loves soccer, could have bought his own backyard stadium. >> i know, my yard's probably not big enough for that. >> reporter: a humble hero, helping them fight acute lymphoblastic leukemia. >> we have the benefits set up for her. my husband and i don't have to worry about anything. we worry about kara, and that is an excellent, wonderful gift we have been given. >> reporter: from a most unlikely little boy. >> you're an 8-year-old phil an 31est. you know what that is? >> no. >> a very bright young man. >> oh. >> good job. >> reporter: patrick clark, for fox. >> that is great. pretty impressive for a boy. >> and i am sure he will tell his friends and hopefully they paying close attention to him.
5:48 pm
that's all. good for him. plans on paying close attention to you and the changes coming for the forecast. >> yeah. >> and not today. >> and is this afternoon, we're talking about the possibility that sunday looks a lot better. >> good. >> yeah. >> and saturday is not that bad and we're still leaving thunderstorm in and showers for saturday. the question is, how is sunday going to be? how much of the weekend is going to be great? we'll talk about that in just a second. live conditions out there, showers and thunderstorms rolled through the first part of the day and they color now. we get someson shine -- sunshine and looks like mostly fair skies tonight. for tomorrow, a little bit less humid. it's still going to be hot tomorrow. the temperatures with sunshine up to 90 degrees and that is not quite as muggy. okay, as where we have them and that doesn't mean it's not going to be humid but not as bad. the showers and thunderstorms on saturday. listen, on saturday, it doesn't
5:49 pm
look like an all-day rainout, okay, afternoon, evening, saturday night-type showers and thunderstorms. sunday is looking better now and next week, if everything verifies here with the long- range models, we're going to be in real, real nice shape and this is the weekend. the frontal system to the west of us on saturday. out ahead of the front, there is showers and thunderstorms. some of those could be strong and maybe a couple of severe as this moves through saturday afternoon and is the evening and have to watch out for that and the models have to to show the front here and that is kicking a chance of rain out on us and that is going to be the going forecast and this is from the north and west and with that is high pressure. beautiful conditions after we get through saturday. okay, and right now, it's 82; quantico, 83; of course, there
5:50 pm
is some humidity out there and feels warmer everywhere. feels 5 degrees warmer in the city and with that, 87, back to the west and 90 for martinsburg and no for winchester. 93 the feels like temperature for frederick and to the west, more sunshine than here and temperatures were able to get warmer. 81 at 7:00 and still a chance. very, very slight chance, okay, for a shower or thunderstorm out there and between 7 and 9:00. after 9, the sunsets, fair skies by 11:00. the temperatures are dropping into the 70s and we'll have 60s in places overnight tonight. things look pretty good out there. big storm system down in the gulf of mexico and national hurricane center is looking at this and this is some of the remnants from hurricane isaac. they had a plane schedule to
5:51 pm
fly into that and didn't look organized enough so they called the office and if they need to, they will send one in tomorrow. that is unusual for a piece of a storm to retomorrow into another system and some showers and thunderstorms moving across here. heavy rains and as much as six or seven inches of rain through southern maryland and delaware. in the city, 72 and some fair skies, sunshine to start and not as muggy, hot and the temperature is up to about 90 degrees. not an all-out jane out and sunday looks good. -- rainout and have a shower potential in sunday and that means before the sun comes up. eighty on sunday. look at. that monday, i told you there is no way to get excited about it. >> it gets good. >> i sold it. i didn't oversell, did i? >> no. >> thank you, gary. >> the 70s next week.
5:52 pm
>> love it, thank you. >> okay. did you see it? the russian president flying with a flock of birds. this is putin piloting a motorized hang glider leaving a flock of siberian white cranes in flight. it's part of the project to teach the birds to follow the aircraft on to their migration to central asia. one followed putin on his first flight and on the second try, e stuck with him for the full 15- minute flight. the redskins are making the final preps with the saints for sunday's season opener. most of the focus is on the debut of rg3, another big question. who will he be handing the ball off to? and dave ross is here with a possible answer to that question. -- question. >> reporter: it's tough to answer. we're t minus three days and counting until the redskins play the season opener, and we don't know who will be the feature back on sunday. the players don't know either
5:53 pm
and the skins have three running backs and the roque got a majority of the carries in this preseason or could be evan royster and that looks good on paper. he was slowed by knee injuries and that he is 100% healthy at this juncture and they could use roy helou who was here after being slowed by an achilles situation. i asked you are you the guy or is this a running back by committee? >> i guess so. i don't know. i know they like to have the guy who can be the workforce. i don't know if they're going to try and find it. this game or if we're all going play and contribute. >> reporter: think i get better as the game goes on and i get into a groove and improve. >> where do you -- >> according to the wise guys in vegas, they're a touchdown
5:54 pm
and an underdog. the washington nationals are underdoing error controverse no one those days and, as a matter of fact, people are starting to think that after hitting a home run on tuesday, what were they doing for an encore? >> and this is with this home run and more from him in a moment. and in the third, adam laroche and that is a two-run bomb and that is yanked and on the list of home runs by a teenager and desmond keeps it going. and with that solo shot, the 21st of the year. could they do it back-to-back? >> and you bet you. danny espinoza, and hitting six home runs the second straight
5:55 pm
night and thatm is pressive. our neighbors to the north, the orioles, begin a huge four-game homestand with the yankees at cam den yards and trail by a game in the al east. laura, these are exciting times around the parts. the football and baseball, it doesn't get better. >> and doesn't get better than that. thank you very much, dave ross. >> sure. and check out what is coming up next on the news edge at 6. brian? at 6. brian? . >> i wouldn't complain about the orioles. coming up now on the news edge, the light coverage or lack thereof. a d.c. police officer accused of threatening the first lady won't face charges. what is being done instead. and a church community rallies behind a d.c. pastor is being evicted from the home and a bizarre piece of music history on display at the smithsonian. those stories and maybe a rant on why the orioles should get more coverage on this channel. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
5:56 pm
but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off the top, the rain. we're investigating problems in bloomingdale's neighborhood. the board of directors for d.c. water met and decided the situation was the top priority. a huge mess as many were freed. whether or not is being done to fix the problem? matt ackland has more in the sewer system. >> first three northwest, this is a reverse inspectio


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